Black is Beautiful

Black is one of my favourite colours. I’m not talking about the colours of my bedroom but it’s my favourite colour to wear! All my party dresses are black, my favourite eye make up is black, my favourite time of day is night and my favourite type of man has to be tall, DARK and handsome! 😉

black man and women

Black is sexy, black is classy and black is beautiful!

Black is beautiful is a cultural movement that was started in the United States of America in the 1960s by African Americans. It later spread to much of the black world, most prominently in the writings of the Black Consciousness Movement of Steve Biko in South Africa. It aims to dispel the notion in many world cultures that black people‘s natural features such as skin colour, facial features and hair are inherently ugly. John Sweat Rock was long thought to be the first to coin the phrase “black is beautiful”–during a speech in 1858–but historical records indicate he never actually used the specific phrase on that day. The movement also encouraged men and women to stop trying to eliminate African-identified traits by straightening their hair and attempting to lighten or bleach their skin.

Being happy comes first! There’s nothing wrong with adapting other people’s culture, it brings us together! However, be happy who you are and be true to yourself. Everyone is beautiful in their own way!

Have a good day beauties………………xx



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