Natural afro VS. Weave on

The afro is a legendary hair style, the pinnacle of natural black hair that has graced the craniums of entertainers, athletes, historical and political figures alike. Girth, texture, and colour may vary in the world of afro’s, but our love for the people that rock them is unwavering.



But if you have shorter hair, you may not want to wait months and years for their hair to grow out. Similarly, some women may have received a haircut that is shorter than they wanted. In these cases, a hair weave is an ideal solution; you’ll be able to get the length, without having to wait for your natural hair to grow, and a colour that would be chemically too heavy to be done onto your hair.



For a healthy and shiny afro, we recommend #NubianQueen Hair Mayonnaise.

It will Moisturise hair and strengthen hair at the same time. It’s also a great help to sculpt your afro, or any other hairstyle on your natural hair, such as twists outs,  and plaits.


A   M  U  S  T  –  H  A  V  E  !

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